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    Unanswered: need help with INSERT INTO.... WHERE

    hey guys,

    i'm trying to insert text into a column where another column has a certain value or matches a certain text.

    for example,

    where firstname ilike 'joe' i want to insert ('blue') into favorite color column.

    i try the following queries but so far i get parse errors.

    INSERT INTO mytable (favoritecolor) VALUES ('blue') WHERE (firstname) ilike '%joe%' ;

    INSERT INTO mytable (favoritecolor) WHERE (firstname) ilike '%joe%' VALUES ('blue') ;

    i have tried several other ways but so far nothing works and i can't figure out what i am missing or doing wrong.

    i greatly appreciate your help.

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    i figured it out using UPDATE.

    UPDATE mytable set favoritecolor='blue' WHERE firstname ilike'%joe%';

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