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    Unanswered: VBA to update a field in MS200 database

    hi need help...i have a current mdb stored on my win2002 server

    i have a scrip in excel vba which will update new data into the fields in the database.....but over a period of time some data may change and i need to update the database with the latest data from my excel sheet...

    mdb field 1 = name
    mdb field 2 = salary

    i need to update the salary of the particular name only any one can help....

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    Public Function ChangeField(rstTable As Recordset, intID As Integer, strFieldName As String, varValue As Variant)As Integer
    With rstTable
    .FindFirst "ID = " & intID
    If .NoMatch = True Then
    ChangeField = -1
    .Fields(strFieldName).Value = varValue
    ChangeField = intID
    End If
    End With
    End Function

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