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    Question Unanswered: Can't make the proper tab order...

    I am just a WYSIWYG designer and I can't make proper transition between fields of a form and subform. Let me explain...

    I have a form and subform. The subform is placed in the middle of the form and tab order should be like this:

    Form.Field1, Form.Field2, Form.Field3, Subform.field1, Subform.field2, subform.field3, Form.Field4, Form.Field5

    With "View->Tab order..." I can make the transition Form->Subform but HOW CAN I GET BACK TO THE NEXT FORM FIELD?

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    I don't believe there is an easy way to do what you are requesting, becuase that is not the way the objects work in a form, subform enviroment. About the best you can do is put code in the last object on the subform that you have focus on and put code that moves the focus from the subform to the next object on your main form

    Lost focus event of object in sub form



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