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    Unhappy Unanswered: Network Drives changed - affected databases

    Hi there


    PHYSICAL location of number of databases were moved from 1 server to another - exact copy.


    -->V:\Common\Database Folders
    -->\\gwwnt02\Databases\Common\Database Folders (on Win NT4 Server)

    -->V:\Common\Database Folders
    -->\\gwwnt08\Databases\Common\Database Folders (on Win 2K Server)

    I have other databases located elsewhere :-

    T:\WWL.Doc Reg_NEW\Tables\Central\Staff\Staff.mdb
    \\gwwnt01\AutoCad\WWL.Doc Reg_NEW\Tables\Central\Staff\Staff.mdb

    Network Administrator created logon script to change drives for each user.

    Point:Physical location of database been moved.

    Result:FrontEnd Databases do not work.
    What do I mean ?

    In the forms, I have comboboxes, with textfields referencing comboboxes e.g. me.nameofobject.column(0) etc..

    Just to display text.

    Now they are =$error.

    That is the problem...

    Do u follow ??? I'm I explaining problem clearly...

    Open in design view, sql statement totally not making sense e.g. SELECT fieldname1 from table1; --> %%%6888444symbolsetc...

    Goto QBE I see table ok plus SQL statement is fine. I can open tables ok.

    Any ideas most welcomed.

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    For starters I would chew out your Network Admin for doing this and not finding out the impact of all systems first.

    The I would put in code that allows your users to change the links on your frontend database (make it very easy for them) . Include a button and will remove links and bring up a open dialgo box that allows the user to find the database they need to link to (espically if the logical drive location is different for each of them) and links all the table in that database.


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