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    Unanswered: Web Crawler in perl

    Hi all...

    Does anyone know how to develop a web crawler in perl?

    Please send me any code or snippets if anyone knows how to do it ...i basically need an application to crawl specific sites and extract all the relevant textual data onto an external file on my system. The crawling must be recursive as in all links on the base HTML page must also be parsed in a similar fashion till no more links can be found.

    Really in a desperate position for help......any sort of code would be gr8!!! soo pleezz pleeez help..
    Thanx in advance

    You try and try again..but then give up, there's no sense in being a complete fool about it!!!

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    With libwww from CPAN comes a small program for website mirroring, that you can use for a start.

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