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    Unanswered: Moving System Data File

    Hello Gurus,

    I would like to move the system01.dbf from one disk to another. Can I do this using the below procedure:

    1. Startup Mount;
    2. copy the datafile to another disk.
    3. alter database rename file 'disk1\system01.dbf' to 'disk2\system01.dbf';
    4. alter database open;

    Will the above procedure work without hassle?

    Thank you and best regards,

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    I believe you should shutdown, then copy the datafile over, then startup mount, then issue the move datafile command, then do a full startup.

    After that, do a full shutdown, cold-backup the database and controlfiles, and then startup again.
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    No you can't copy system tablespace like other tablespaces.
    You will have to create new control files.
    - generate new control file (text format) in your udump area.
    .... alter databse backup controlfile to trace.
    ..... this will dump a trc file in udump area. copy this file as 'new_control.sql'.
    - cold backup complete databse ( as this can be a risky operation)
    - shutdown
    - edit the 'new_control.sql' file and change the location of system tblsp file
    - move the system tblsp file physically.
    - backup and delete existing controlfiles
    - then startup nomount
    - run the controlfile script
    - then 'alter database open reset logs'
    .... in this way you can move other tablespaces too or rename database too.

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