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    Unanswered: password box using keypress?

    I am using an initial form with a command button to prompt a user to continue to login. Once the button is pressed two boxes become visible and enabled, asking the user for their user name and password. I would like to disguise the password with "*" (or some other) while still capturing the keystrokes to validate the username and password against those already held. Depending on the response the program then uses a case statement to proceed appropriately. Without the 'disguise' the program works well - but once attempting to disguise then I am maintaining a leading character from the <tab> or <cr> from the move from the username field to the password field.

    I have attempted to use keypress(keyascii as integer) etc but can only maintain a single character and get the leading character.

    Pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    Lightbulb set the property from the textbox

    set the property from the textbox : Input mask on the tab Data to Password and all inputs will be an * (asteriks)

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