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    Red face Unanswered: Installtion question

    I am new to postgres (just thought about using it), could anyone guide me on installing Postgres on Windows 2000 Server? Or is it available on windows 2003 server any edition??

    Appreciate your help. Thanks

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    For the moment, there is no native installation for windows. you must use CygWin to install it.

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    Thumbs down Win2k vsr and Pgsql No !

    For the momment I don't advice you to get in the cygwin hell conf , postgresql gets it full features in *nix OSs, I adviuce you to try a linux ditro and compile Pgsql above it that's 10 times better, a windows native version is planned within the next months so while waitingyou can lear to fly with the penguins using pgsql with cygwin is possible, you can try it !
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