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    Unanswered: Print current record


    I have a main form (frmHousehold) and a subform (sfrmApplicants).
    In my subform I have a field called #OfApplicants which will count the number of Applicants in the subform (in the subform I have a hidden control) which works fine. However, I created (PrintRecord) button in the main form to print the current record and I noticed on the print out that:

    1. #Name? shows for #OfApplicants field

    2. The Date & page number appears right underneath the subform as
    suppose to at the bottom of the page

    3. Is there a way to preview how the current record looks like?
    printing it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Sounds like the report field is not properly bound to #OfApplicants.

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