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    Unanswered: Loading different subforms if certain buttons are clicked


    Does anyone know if it's possible to load differing subforms on one main form at the click of a button?

    The users have two seperate ways of searching through the same records for editing. Each search requires a different form. I'd like for the user to be able to choose either method by clicking one of two buttons on a main form, and having the relevant search/edit form appear loaded into the main form. Is this possible?
    I tried putting a macro onto the onclick event of each button on the main form, that changes the source object for where the subform should load, but I'm getting a 'Type Mismatch' error on clicking the button. I've put a blank subform on the main form to provide a space for the live subform I'd like to see loaded.
    Is what I'm trying to achieve possible? I know a workaround would be to just create a seperate switchboard with the buttons on, and open each form directly from that, but I've got too many popups and menus in this system already......


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    Place two subforms into your form and hide the one not currently in use. When the relavent button is selected then hide whichever subform will not be used and make visible the subform that will be used.

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