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    Unanswered: newbie pl/sql outputs select results

    I want to write a PL/SQL search engine that does some complex checking of various tables for a client's website. I could write it all in a PHP $sql = "SELECT ..." but I want to put it the sql into PL/SQL and am having trouble figuring out how PL/SQL outputs results.

    Basically, I want to call the procedure with some keywords and have it return the results. Something like this:

    create package jonsearch is

    procedure getrecords(kw IN varchar, results OUT ???) is
    --complex sql goes here

    end jonsearch;

    jonsearch.getrecords("keywords") would return the results just like select * from table would return results.

    My trouble is that every tutorial I have read relies on dbms_output.put_line to output data. I want to output the results as a set, with an output variable, but I can't find a tutorial that shows how to use output variables.

    Any help, even pointing me to a tutorial, would be great.



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    It turns out what I was looking for is called a REF CURSOR. I needed to create a package that defines this reference cursor, and then use that as my output variable.

    This is described here, if anyone is interested:

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    Not understanding...

    How are you wanting to output the variables? If you want to simply return the values, you will use the DBMS_OUTPUT package. If you are returning to Apache through the modplsql module, you will use the HTP and HTF packages.

    As to REF Cursors, here is a Reader's Digest version:


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