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    Unanswered: Vlookup

    Can anyone help me with the attached VLOOKUP?

    In my "Total Calc" tab I create a vlookup to search for a value in the "raw data" tab, but it is giving me a N/A# response. I've sorted the data ascending and looked through an elementary Excel manual I have here, so maybe I am overlooking something?

    I appreciate your assistance.

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    Re: Vlookup

    The VLOOKUP looks for the matching value in the first column of the range. You need to rearrange your data. Move the Column F to position A in the data then it will work.
    I have tried on your data and attaching the zip.
    (I have set the column width of the first column (affter moving) to zero so that it does not become irritating to see the additiononal column as the first one)
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