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    Unanswered: Scheduled DTS Job Failed Urgent!!

    Hi All,

    SQL Server 7
    I have many DTS jobs running some of them have failed to run as per schedule time, when i try to run manually its giving the below error. pls see the below error
    and help me as it is a case of urgency.

    "Backup,CHECKALLOC,bulk copy, SELECT INTO,and file manipulation (such as CREATE FILE) operations on a database must be serialized. Reissue the statement after the current backup, CHECKALLOC, or file manipulation operation is completed."

    The Scheduled backup has also failed. when i look at the job history details it gives
    sqlmaint.exe failed (SQLSTATE 42000) (Error 22029). The step failed.

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    Re: Scheduled DTS Job Failed Urgent!!

    First, check to make sure that all jobs are currently not running.

    Next, disable non-essential jobs to quiesce activity.

    Next, how large is the database? If not very large (<500MB), I would automatically run a DBCC CHECKDB just to make sure everything is okay. The only reason to consider database size here is that the CHECKDB command can take a long time to run. Your decision here will have to made based on your assessment of the business' need to get back on line.

    Next, re-run your back up job. Make sure you get a clean run of the back-up process.

    Finally, re-enable your DTS jobs. Look to see if you have any tasks within the DTS packages that run around the time of your backup that use some of the restricted functions/commands/statements. Focus on these packages first and see if they can be fixed or moved.

    If you are backing up to tape, consider backing up to Disk. It is hundreds of time faster and will allow the backup job to complete more quickly.

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