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Thread: Color Oddity

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    Unanswered: Color Oddity

    I had set the back color of some boxes on a form to light blue. Then I changed my mind and set them as Transparent. When I went to view the form again, the boxes I'd changed were clear except for the one the cursor was in (which was light blue), and as I moved from field to field, the field color toggled from clear to blue depending on the location of the cursor.

    So I thought ... "that's pretty cool," and I tried to recreate it for the rest of the boxes on the form using the settings from a box that worked, but the result is that they're all blue all the time. I can't get any of them back to the blue "toggle."

    Could anyone tell me how I did this so I can do it again?


    Here are the settings that produced the "toggle," and then didn't.

    Back Style - Transparent
    Back Color - 16775150
    Style Effect - Flat
    Border Style - Solid
    Border Color - 8404992
    Border Width - Hairline
    Fore Color - 8388608

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    Re: Color Oddity

    Never mind -- I stumbled upon the answer, even though I still don't understand why it works.

    If anyone's interested, I selected all the boxes, went into the properties, and set the back color to light blue and the back style to transparent. This makes all the boxes blue.

    THEN ... with the boxes still selected, I clicked on the back color icon on the toolbar and set IT to transparent. Voila! The fields turn blue as the cursor hits them.

    Strange ...

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