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    Thumbs up Unanswered: File mirror from Acess to a web page

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to get a script that can ‘mirror’ or copy file content from a database to a web page?

    For example, I want to develop a database in MS Access 2000. I will call my database, ‘test.mdb’. In this database I am to create a table called, ‘documents’. In this table I want to insert all my word documents and pdf files. I am not sure if this is a job for MS 2000, maybe SQL database is better?

    Anyway, I am looking for a script that can call the content from this database/table. Perhaps - VBScripting or maybe Java Scripting can do this? In fact, any script would do, as long as I can retrieve the content in my database and display it on an html page. It that possible or is there a different way to achieve this?

    The idea is to have a several hyperlinks on my web page (overview.html), which point to different documents in my database. Once clicking on the hyperlink, the content is displayed. In other words, I am trying to get a script developed that can ‘mirror’ the content of a document and transferred/display it on my web page, called ‘overview.html’. I am also aiming to use a similar script for images (.gif and .jpg files) – this way I only need to change content in the database and the web takes care of the rest.

    Is it possible, please help.

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    Generating web table from db table with biterscripting

    I would need the exact structure of db table to write the code. But, here, I will provide an example using csv (comma separated values).

    I will assume that a db table has been exported to "table1.csv" file in csv format. The web page template is at "template.html". It has a marker "INSERT_TABLE1_HERE" where the rows and columns of table1 need to go. Here is the code.

    # Read table1.csv into $table.
    var str table ; cat "table1.csv" > $table
    # Create $web_table from $table.
    var str $web_table ; echo "<table>" >> $web_table
    # Extract rows and columns from $table,
    # insert into $web_table with <tr> and <td>.
    while ($table <> "")
        echo "\n<tr>" >> $web_table
        var str row ; lex -e "1" $table > $row
        while ($row <> "")
            var str column ; lex -e "1" $row > $column
            echo "<td>" $column "</td>"
        # We are done with the row.
        echo "</tr>" >> $web_table
    # We are done with the table.
    echo "</table>" >> $web_table
    # Replace "INSERT_TABLE1_HERE" in template.html with $web_table.
    var strhtml ; cat "template.html" > $html
    sal "^INSERT_TABLE1_HERE^" $web_table $html ; echo $html > "template.html"
    That's it.


    If necessary, download biterscripting from You can also translate this code into another scripting language.

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