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    Unanswered: backup and restore

    When backup a database, then remove SQL Server and install SQL Server 2000. Then I restore database but I don't restore.
    Error : "The media set for database 'dvbt' has 2 family members but only 1 are provided. All members must be provided. RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally"
    Can you help me!

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    Re: backup and restore

    How did you do the backup? The resotre process is expecting another media family for restoring the db, and obviously it's missing. Did you use two tapes?

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    it's also possible that if the backup was done to disk that there was more than 1 file in the destination... this will stripe the backup across both files... if you are missing one of them, you are pretty much screwed unless you can recover them (either through the Recycle bin or a recovery program)

    The thing that sucks about that backup interface is that even if you only have 1 file highlighted (think selected) it will backup to whatever files are listed, you have to remove any extra files if you want to backup to a single file.

    Seeing that you removed SQL Server you can't just open the backup dialog again to see which files it went to

    If you didn't delete all of the files in the backup directory, you should be okay, just need to find the other file

    Any chance that you backed up those directories to tape before blowing them away?

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