Hi All,

I'm probing the ORA 9i's XML capabilities from PL/SQL.
I wrote a simple query (based on Documentation's examples), but it doesn't want to work...

SELECT XMLElement("Outer",
XMLForest(m1 "m1", m2 "m2", m3 "m3"),
(SELECT XMLAGG(XMLElement("Inner",
XMLForest(m1 "m1",
m2 "m2",
m3 "m3")))

FROM turo t
WHERE t.m1=tt.m1))

FROM turo tt

The table "turo" has 3 cols, and 4 unique rows. This query returns in PL/SQL Developer with four rows, but I can't see anything in this rows.
There is no error messages. (I want to see something like this:

Can someone tell me, what do I wrong?
Thanx, and sorry for my bad english.