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    Unanswered: Load Utility performance degradation


    There are some issues that we are facing here due to the large amount of data that is seeded into a DB2(WINNT) database.

    To load the weekly data(5 million records), we are using the DB2 Load Utility - but since last week, we are facing diffculties in getting it done witthin the available timeframe i.e something that took 40 minutes earlier has now grown to almost 5-6 hours.

    The input file to the utility is not in a sorted order of the key. Also the utility update the existing records and inserts any new records.

    If anybody has encountered a similar problem or situaton, please share your views and experince.

    Any help in this is highly appreciated

    Thxs in advance

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    Hi ,

    I suggest you try using a load buffer and also increase your log size also there is an option of Fast Parse and you can also go ahead and use savecount that should help.


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    Does the table have a clustering index, or are the rows inserted at the end of the table? If new rows are inserted throughout the table per the clustering index, then you should define some pctfree for the table and do a reorg periodically to restore the freespace. Indexes are always in correct order so they also need pctfree defined for new index rows.

    Sort the input file in the order of the rows (defined by a clustering index or by the index used in a reorg).

    If you have DMS managed tempspace you should make it much larger.

    Also, use the Control Center to generate the load command and it will recommend some performance parameters for the load. You can just look at the generated load command without actually executing the load from the Control Center.
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