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    Unanswered: Report: limiting reports

    I have database, that is used to print out ID cards. Data is inserted using forms and the cards are printed from report.

    I'm having problems with the report. I have a text field, that contains picture path. In report the pictures are shown in a imageframe. All this works fine, but the problem is that, if user presses the >| -button ("go to the last page" -button or something like that) Access begins to load ALL the pictures from their paths. Since there are over 400 records, this takes a LOT of time.

    Do I have disable the default controls and make my own < and > -buttons or is there easier way to handle this kind of thing?

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    Couldn't you have them select an individual from a form (combo box of names or something), and then use a button to open the report just for that individual?

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