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    Unanswered: Money data type for handling comma instead period

    I have created a table with money datatype by default it accepts period for decimal degit, But if I change the regional settings with Italian format, I am getteting error in insert statement due to comma in the money format. I would like to write insert statement that works for both and US and italian format, Please help me.
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    Re: Money data type for handling command instead period

    Me personally, I would avoid the money data type and use an integer data type. You have to do more work on the front end to handle displaying information, but I have read of too many instances of rounding errors being introduced because of decimal data types (money, decimal, float, real).


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    Money Datatype

    But I have already developed the product it is difficult for me to change the data structure at this time. I am just trying to find out some solution here. Is it possible for me to use syntax like cast or convert to solve this issue?

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    Can you post an example?

    And when could you ever insert a comma in a number? It would think it's another data element...

    USE Northwind
    CREATE TABLE myTable99 (Col1 money)
    INSERT INTO myTable99(Col1) SELECT 12345678.1234
    INSERT INTO myTable99(Col1) SELECT 12345678.8765
    SELECT SUM(Col1) FROM myTable99
    INSERT INTO myTable99(Col1) SELECT 12,345,678.1234
    DROP TABLE myTable99

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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    Money Datatype

    Here is the syntax, I am using application to create the sql statement string

    dim MoneyValue as double = 123.99

    sql = "insert into mytable (mymoney) values (123.99)"

    if the regional setting is US format then it is inserting OK due the decimal sign is period

    If the regional setting is itallian then it is giving error due to the following syntax.

    sql = "insert into mytable (mymoney) values (123,99)"

    Note: it is using comma for the decial seperator

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