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    Smile Unanswered: Display subreport with in the Report


    I am working on this report where, i am buliting the Report n at that time i am Creating and Generating a TempTable with some info.. now i want to display that info with a subreport within report...

    i am tried put in the detial and groupfooter but its getting mixed with main report...

    so basically i want main report on the top n sub report ( but the info for subreport is genereting while main report is geterating too)on the Bottom ...

    Pl help me with this i spend about 2 day ...

    thank you


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    Create the sub report in a seperate report form you main report. Then in the design view of the Main report, Drag the subreport from the Database window onto the Main report. This will embedd your subreport on the main report so that then will both display


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