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    Unanswered: Passing form data to Access query

    This seems simple enough but I can't figure it out.

    I have a series of queries - maybe 15 in all. Each has a field as follows:

    Field: Net: ([DB_amount_11]+[cr_amount_11])
    Total: Sum

    Each month I have to manually change the Net field to reflect the current month. ([DB_amount_12]+[cr_amount_12])

    What I tried to do without success is create a form so I could change the month just once (on the form) and the queries would all update.

    When I do this, instead of getting a value in the Net field, I get:

    The question: is there a way to do this in the query design window? Or do I need to do this using VBA/SQL.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance - I appreciate it


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    What I would do is set up my queries so that on the form I enter which month I want and have the data pull formt he different fields that relate to the month I chose.

    In you if statemtn you would look at the value you passed to the query and..

    Select iif([forms]![frmName]![Fieldname] =11, (Table1.[DB_amount_11]+Table1.[cr_amount_11]), [forms]![frmName]![Fieldname] = 12, (Table1.[DB_amount_12]+Table1.[cr_amount_12]), 0))as Net
    From Table1

    I will let you work out the proper syntax, but it isn't to hard.


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