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    Unanswered: Blob binary format

    hi ppl
    I have here a weird problem, I received a database in Paradox format with 3 files for each table, db/mb/px, I could manage to convert them all into access by access import but there's some BLOB fields which I couldn't do anything about them. so I downloaded a tool called DATABASE WORKSHOP and I could get more detail of these blob and I could convert one of the table into dBase format and convert it into access but the data inside is screwed after at , how do I manage to recover it and where exactly i can read a good article about these binary data, Couldn't find anything useful in borland website

    here's the table structure

    CREATE TABLE data1(
    Word CHAR(30),
    Mean BLOB(,2)(1),
    Verb BLOB(,1)(1),
    VerbMean BLOB(,1)(1),
    Synonym BLOB(,1)(1),
    Antonym BLOB(,1)(1),
    Inflections BLOB(,1)(1),
    Derivatives BLOB(,1)(1),
    Examples BLOB(,1)(1),
    Pic BOOLEAN,

    there's also another table contain audio files, after I export it to Dbase and I import it into access the audio which suppose to be OLE format is become Memo and it is also screwed

    here's the table struction for the second table

    Word CHAR(100),
    Pronounce BLOB(,2)(100)

    any help is highly appreciated

    by the way I'm not so sure which version of paradox is it , any way to determine it for sure?

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    I think nearly all of these fiels are in fact Memo fields.

    Have you tried importing them as such?
    The only failure is not trying to do it.

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