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    Unanswered: Connecting Win 2000 Server to a Win 98 machine

    I am stumped. I am trying to fix this for a client. My client is running a Win 2000 Server with MSDE. She is networked to a Win 98SE machine.
    I can ping both computers, and I can use a UDL file to test connection on the Server and it works, but I try to use the UDL file on the Win 98 machine to connect to the DB on the Server and I get a error message:

    DBNET LIB (Connection Open) Speicfy Server Not Found.

    I have checked the Cliconfig on the 98 box and the port number is the same as the Server. What should I do? Does MSDE and Win 98 only work on a system to system basis? Or does she just need to update to a Win XP or 2000 Pro.

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    You may want to check the MDAC level on the Win98 machine. I think anything before MDAC 2.5 was unable to find instances of SQL 2000, which is how MSDE usually installs.

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