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    Red face Unanswered: Ask:about INFORMIX procedure

    how to execute a sql state that is in a varies in a procedure?? e.g
    let gjsql="insert into ... values(...)";
    here:how to execute the gjsql's content????
    end procedure

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    Re: Ask:about INFORMIX procedure

    I have a similar problem with a call to a procedure from a procedure using a variable which is loaded from a table's cell. So i hope an answer too

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    You are asking for dynamic SQL in a stored procedure, which doesn't exist. Someone else recently posted a process whereby they formatted the statment and then shelled out (using SYSTEM) to dbaccess for execution, but that's not dynamic sql, nor does it execute within the same transaction and can in fact deadlock with itself because it's a new SID.
    Fred Prose

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