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    Unanswered: Booking System example?

    has anyone got a booking system example which i could use, what i am looking for is a booking form which shows a day and then shows the various times it can be booked i.e monday has times of 9-10, 10-11. and then once a day and a time has been chosen it is cannot be chosen again until a another date.
    Could someone help as I will be very gratefull. Or even divert me to some similiar booking systems mine booking system is based on a gym and its different courts

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    If it is for one person or one gym, you could use a scheduler. I think outlook has one. Or you could create one is access. Otherwise, you could contact a software consultant to create a system for you. I am sure there are good places to look online to find someone looking for a short term contract position. Or try a Jobs Postings kind of news group. If you decided to create it yourself, there are several people on this forum who can help when you get stuck somewhere.

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