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    Unanswered: backup

    Hello every1,
    I have been asked to create a orahot script for backup to tape... my script is done and works fine so far but i am just not sure how to add the command to put it to tape as i have never done that. This is where it is pointed right now but i need to change the BU_FILES_DIR going to tape instead.

    JOB_NAME=`basename $0`

    if [ ! -d $BU_FILES_DIR ]; then
    process_error "$BU_FILES_DIR is invalid"

    I would really appreciate some help.
    thanks in advance.
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Help

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    Re: backup

    there is a little bit information missing:
    HOW do you do the backup?
    just file-copy? or are you using RMAN? or anything else?
    with this little bit of information it might be possible to answer your question much better

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