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    Unanswered: 97 on XP memory could not be read/written

    Hi I just installed Access 97 onto a Windows XP Professional system and am getting memory could not be read/written errors when using a module to search through a bunch of reports. Access then quits. I checked the Microsoft KB for Access 97 but could not find anything for XP Professional.

    We tried:
    with and without service pack 2
    with and without upgrading to jet 3.5 service pack 3
    diagnositic mode manually enabling printers

    and to make sure it was not a hardware issue:
    stripping out all unneeded hardware like sound card
    with different RAM DIMMs
    with different a video card
    on 3 different systems

    The event viewer shows nothing.
    The module works fine when run on a WinMe or Win98 system.

    Has anyone else had these errors? Does anyone have a workaround?

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    I use Access 97 Profesional Edition in Windows XP and i don't have any problem.

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