I am trying to perform a "Step Next Extended" operation, with no filtering conditions. I need this so I can get multiple records in one call. After the first attempts at this failed, with status code 62: The descriptor is incorrect, I tried to do this operation returning just 1 record and this did not work either.

I have looked over the manuals many times, and searched the net for answers but to no avail. It is a very simple thing I am trying to do but something is just not working. The only other possibilty is the reference to "Extended Operation Buffer Size" in the manual. If this is possibly what the problem is, I unfortunately can't get access to it via the Control Center connecting to our netware servers.

Also, in case this helps, we are running Pervasive SQL 2000i, Netware v5 servers and NT clients.

I can post the exact contents of the data buffer that I am trying to send if that will help.

Thanks in advance,