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    Is there any way by which i can SUM only from a particular row to another particular row? For eg.

    BusNbr StopId EAT
    145 B01 0
    145 B02 5
    145 B03 6
    145 B04 2
    2 A01 0
    2 A02 2
    2 A03 4

    So now i only want to SUM the EAT from StopID=B02 to B04


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    Yes it is very possible...

    this is how i am going to do the query:

    Select SUM(EAT) from yourTAble
    WHERE STOPID Between 'BO2' AND 'BO4'

    I cant distinguish what the diffence of using HAVING clause and WHERE here. Just try if it works.


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    maybe you should try something like this:

    select stopid, sum(eat)
    from table
    where stopdid like 'B0%'
    group by stopid

    No gurantee this statement would work,its a dry run, test it out at your side.

    Or you can dump your data into a temp table ( either virtual or non-virtual) , create an incremental identity column, and do a "between" statement.

    something like

    select sum(eat) from
    @virtualtable where virtualid
    between 1 and 10.
    Patrick Chua
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