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    Question Unanswered: init.ora file identification

    Whenever some instance is up (imean startup has been issued and databse is up) how can I identify which init.ora file was used by that instance.
    I ask this because in 9i we also have spfile in adition to pfile.
    So if some instance is up then which file was used by the instance for its parameters??
    Was it the pfile or the spfile ??
    How can I find this.

    I have one database named PROD but its init file is initbgatod1.ora
    After searching the contents of the initbgatod1 file i realised that this is the init file for the PROD instance.

    How can i find this information when the database is up from the database itself as to which file was used tin the startup ??

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    in my knowledge, its not possible to findout.
    By default, the init files should be in DATABASE directory.
    the name should be init<<SID>>.ora

    otherwise u cannot know.
    Thats why normally, for starting up and shutting down, we use scripts..


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    9i uses spfile by default if existing

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    Prior to 9i

    the initfiles exist on /orabin/dbs with the name init<sid>.ora.

    When u issue a startup on svrmgrl oracle will look in that directory to find the init file, or u can issue a startup pfile=<path><initfile.ora>

    In 9i by default oracle will use the spfile in the /orabin/dbs dir or u can issue startup spfile=<path><spfile> or if you want to start with the initfile startup pfile=<path><initfile>

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