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    we have configured Log Shipping for 1 database. we are dumping the transaction log every 5 mins from the primary server, and shipping it across to the other server, and restoring the same.

    currently, the load is stuck at a place, where 1 transaction log file is missing...

    how can i restore the log, so that i can get the database in sync with the primary database ??

    I am using restore log <dbname> ..... with standby option

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    I dont think you can skip log files - they must be sequentially loaded...if it is missing you may have to restore a full backup

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    I agree with couligra's assessment. By design, a log file cannot be skipped over in the restore process. You will get an error indicated that 'LSN XXXX was expected and the first LSN found was XXXX'.

    Gee, now how would I know that?

    Reinitialize your log shipping plan.


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