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Thread: Data conversion

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    Unanswered: Data conversion

    Hi all,

    Am working on the transfer of data from a Paradox system to an Access/SQL version for a client.

    I can open several tables through access directly, and have no problems with them. However, the main tables aren't readable - if I open the file through notepad, I see the data as follows:

    %    5   KELLY S  :Numerous lesions on dorsum of hands. One growing larger.
     V? Actinic Keratosis. Also possible S.C.C. lt hand. Biopsied and sent
    for histology.

    There is an export routine that converts this data to a raw text format, but it only transfers certain records, and I need them all. The file is saved with a .dat extension.

    Does anyone have any idea if this is indeed a Paradox file, as the main database definitely is. If so, is there any way of decrypting the data??

    Would really appreciate any info on this!!!

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    You should be able to use ODBC to open your Paradox tables in Access.

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    Re: Data conversion

    Access ODBC has some problems with later versions version of Paradox. You may need to get a copy of Paradox and export the files to a Tab Delimited format, assuming what you have is a runtime app and do not have access to the full program. The other possibility is that some of the fields are memo/blob fields which would contain mixes of binary and text if translated into ascii or ansi data improperly.

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