I am trying to install SQL 2000 Ent SP3 (i.e. with sp3 already applied to installation files) on a Win2k3 cluster.
I have checked both local and domain privileges and they are good. SQLSErvice and SQLAgent service run under domain account that is in Local Admin Group.
This account also was granted "Log on as Service: and "Act as Part of OS" rights.

And I keep getting the following error during install...

An error occurred while creating virtual server resources for
clustering: "Cluster specific registry entries couldn't be written."

Does anybody have any ideas?

The remote registry service runs on both nodes with default configuration: under NT AUTHORITY\LocalService and starts automatically.

I can insall a single node virtual SQL Server 2000. But when I try
to add second node to it or when I try to do 2-node installtion
as described above I've got the error.

The last portion of sqlclstr.log is in both cases

************************************************** **
about to open cluster
calling ClusterGetComputerNames
ClusterGetComputerNames: m_LocalComputerName=[]
ClusterGetComputerNames: calling GetComputerName
ClusterGetComputerNames: m_LocalComputerName=[PSQL01]
ClusterGetComputerNames: calling ClusterOpenEnum
ClusterGetComputerNames: calling ClusterEnum[0]
ClusterGetComputerNames: calling ClusterEnum[1]
called ClusterGetComputerNames, status=0x0
ccNodeName=1024 ccGroupName=1024
szNodeName=[PSQL01] szGroupName=[GRPsql01]
csNodeName=[PSQL01] csGroupName=[GRPsql01]
[sqlclusterSetup.cpp:2484] : 5 (0x5): Access is denied.

[sqlclusterSetup.cpp:1544] : 5 (0x5): Access is denied.

[sqlclusterSetup.cpp:583] : 5 (0x5): Access is denied.

[sqlclusterSetup.cpp:1161] : 5 (0x5): Access is denied.
************************************************** ********

I also have the following errors in the Event Logs (they happened
before SQL installation and are due to running Win2003 in Win2K domain).
They seem to be not relevant to SQL:

1. Event Type: Error
Event Source: Userenv
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1091
Computer: PSQL01
The Group Policy client-side extension Security failed to log RSOP
(Resultant Set of Policy) data.

2. Event Type: Error
Event Source: Service Control Manager
Event Category: None
Event ID: 7023
User: N/A
Computer: PSQL01
The DHCP Client service terminated with the following error:
Access is denied.