Hi there,

by configuring Informix IDS 7.31 on Solaris as an linked server in MS SQL Server 2000 I have some problems:
Using OLEDB for ODBC at an configured Informix ODBC connection (SDK 2.81TC1) works fine, I see the views and tables in Enterprise Manager and can access the linked server from Transact-SQL" select * from <LINKED_SERVER>.<IFX-DB>.<OWNER>.<TABLE>".
Due to some errors and poor performance I tried to set up OLE DB.
( e.g. no insert or update ist possible )

Configuring a bla.udl - file on windows with correct data, the Data-link-test is OK. Now I copy the provider string of the udf-file in Enterprise Manger's linked_server option, the connection die with unexpected catastrophic errror.
Playing around with options I recieve various errors.

Can anybody help me setting Informix as linked server up ?

best regards

Peter Pfeffer