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    Unanswered: Can PL/SQL Acccept an inputted variable?

    My "Query" refers to the ability to input variables in a PL/SQL Procedure.

    Basically I am able to to input variables using the normal method
    Exec procedure(variable1, variable2)

    However I want to know if it is possible to code in such a way that the user inputs a variable when requested by the code:
    For instance when the procedure is run, I want the DBMS to ask questions and accept the variables I put in to answer them
    Sort of like the DBMS_OUTPUT but in reverse.
    DMBS_INPUT perhaps??????

    SQL> Insert First Name?

    Thank you for any help with this....

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    This is not possible...normally the database server running far away from the user and can't interact directly with him/her.
    For such inputs you must implement a frontend...maybe an ms-access frontend can solve your problem.

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    The project is an all Oracle affair, hopefully Oracle correct this problem because it would be handy to have this feature.
    Thanks for your help and time Bart71

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    If you are allowing your user to input directly through SQL Plus, I would suggest giving them a script to run rather than having them execute a package/procedure. Create a "test.sql" file as follows:

    accept a prompt "Input First Name?"
    execute my_procedure( '&&a' );
    You can add whatever else you need; after that, from SQL Plus they would type:

    SQL> @test.sql

    However, HIGHLY suggest having users go through a program interface rather than directly through SQL Plus...


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