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    Unanswered: FRM-41072 Help!!

    If i connect to the database via the forms (the user who owns the database) everything is ok.

    The problem is if i create an application user(and database user currently), i can connect to the database but some errors raises like

    "FRM-41072: Cannot create group CGDV$DLRG"
    "FRM-41076: Error populating Group"
    "FRM-41075: Error Deleting Group"

    After that my user can execute the queries properly.

    But the error is annoying.

    The forms play well if they are connected to the old 7.3.3 database.

    I feel that i have missed doing something special.

    Could you help me because i have searched the internet with no result.

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    This may be due to one of the following reasons,

    1. Duplicate column names in SQL statement.
    2. Invalid record group name.
    3. Query is invalid.

    Check the group name and/or correct the SQL statement.

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    Unfortunately the sources are not available. However, i corrected the problem by adding a synonym reffering to CG_REF_CODES and now it's ok.

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