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    Unanswered: RS Disply And ASP Formatting

    I have an article db that currently shows one article based on the most current Active date “CurrDate(Now)”
    is my function to find the most current article. I would like to display the most current article for each “ArticleZone” in the db.

    For example my asp page would look something like this:
    <%=rsNews.Fields("ArticleZone=1")%> ect…

    Table is named Articles and looks like this

    ID, ArticleZone, ArticleActive, ArticleData
    1, 4, 11/25/2003, text/html content
    2, 3, 10/24/2003, text/html content
    3, 1, 12/22/2003, text/html content

    SQL = "SELECT * FROM Articles WHERE ArticleActive <= " & CurrDate(Now) & " ORDER BY ArticleActive DESC"

    I hope this is clear, Thanks mossimo

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    Try the following:

    select max(articlearchive),articlezone from articles group by articlezone

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    How will select the most recent article if multiples exist for the same date and articlezone ?

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    First post on a new board and I abandon it for a month.
    What can I say there’s no internet in jail. Don’t worry I’m a bad guy
    I just forgot to pay my taxes for a few decades so Uncle Sam wasn’t too happy.

    Thanks rneale for the reply, you had asked:

    How will select the most recent article if multiples exist for the same date and articlezone ?

    Well the answer to both our questions was more than just a SQL Statement.
    Here is the completed working script it’s pretty simple. I left out the include file that handles article selection,
    its function “SQLDate(Now)” is called from the SQL Statement in the script and compares the current date with the each articles active date.

    <!-- #include file="SQLDate.asp" -->
    Sub WriteZoneData(zone)

    Select Case zone
    Case 1
    strZone = "zone1"
    Case 2
    strZone = "zone2"
    Case 3
    strZone = "zone3"
    Case Else
    strZone = ""
    End Select

    SQL = "SELECT * FROM Articles WHERE ActiveDate <= "&SQLDate(Now)&" _
    & "AND ArticleZone = '"&strZone&"' ORDER BY ActiveDate DESC"

    If strZone <> "" Then

    OpenDB sconArticles
    If Not Rs.EOF Then
    Response.Write(Rs("ArticleName") And Rs("ArticleData"))
    Response.Write "No Articles Found"
    End If
    End Sub

    Disply the records

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