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    Unanswered: How can I change color of columns of a Graph

    I have a graph:
    Set oChart = CreateObject("OWC.Chart")
    Set c = oChart.Constants

    oChart.Charts(0).Type = oChart.Constants.chChartTypeColumnClustered

    How can I change the color of the columns???
    What is the code??

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    I'm not sure what OWC is but I've got a free barchart ASP class (no components) downloadable from my Web site at to help turn data stored in a table (or SQL statement) into a barchart and you can explicitly set the colors of the bars or else just use the default colors:

    ' Fill aChartSeriesColor.
    aChartSeriesColor(0) = "#0000FF" ' Could put in something like "blue".
    aChartSeriesColor(1) = "#CC0000" ' Could put in something like "red".
    aChartSeriesColor(2) = "#FF9933" ' Could put in something like "orange".
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