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    Red face Unanswered: dbExpress Delphi 6 to MySQL help !!!!

    Ok I am about to go postal on this, not since watching AI have I been this ragged !!! what a waste of a weekend this has been trying to connect to MySQL through Delphi 6.

    I am constantly getting the invalid username / password error from the TSQLConnection component in Delphi, even though I can clearly run / connect to the MySQL server from command prompts or Control Centre with the same logon info.

    I have tried everything I can possibly think of including all the fixes listed in the post ;

    to no avail, I have tried connecting to the following MySQL versions in order;


    I have referenced libmySQL.dll as C:\mysql\bin\libmySQL.dll which causes no problems. I have Updated Delphi 6 with update 2 so I have and have referenced dbexpmysql.dll within my connection object and I have tried using the dbexpmy4.dll with ver 4.xx of MySQL.

    Nothing works is there anything else I can test to get this going ?

    Any suggestions are more than welcome before I go totally crazy with this. Is it supposed to be this difficult to connect to a database ???????

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have the same problem You have.
    I cant connect Mysql 4.0 with Dbexpress with Delphi 6
    If you have success to do this works, plesase, tell me what I have to do either . ( My email = )

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