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    Unanswered: plsql help please??????

    hello there i am new to PLSQL i thought someone must now what the problem is here...

    when i try to insert value after inserting a pointer to a object_type it does work i get the following error.... can sum one tell me wat is missing from the coding??????

    SQL> insert into FlightList values (FlightList_type
    2 (00001,00002,1234,1234));
    insert into FlightList values (FlightList_type
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-02315: incorrect number of arguments for default constructor


    create or replace type FlightList_type as object
    (FlightListNo number(5),
    FlightNo number(5),
    ArrivalTime number(4),
    DepartureTime number(4),

    Airport_pt ref Airport_type, ---- reference pointer----

    member function GetPlaneNo return number,
    pragma restrict_references (GetPlaneNo , WNDS));

    create table FlightList of FlightList_type;
    insert into FlightList values (FlightList_type

    can someone please help....thank you for your time..


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    Check the number of values that you are passing in the argument list. you get ORA-02315: error if the number of arguments does not match with the orginal list.


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