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    Unanswered: opening a form in different modes


    I have one main form. i am using that form to add , update and view records .

    The structure of the form should be changed depending on the option selected. i.e., while adding and updating records some combo boxes should be displayed and while viewing records they should not.

    And while updating and viewing, the fields in the form should be filled while the form is being opened.

    I am using switchboard in access 2000.

    Please help me in this matter.



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    Hmmmm....I think (?) I know what you are trying to accomplish.
    Perhaps this:

    Private Sub Form_Current()
    If Me.NewRecord Then
    Me.Combo1.Visible = False
    Me.combo2.Visible = False
    Me.textbox1.Visible = False
    Me.Combo1.Visible = True
    Me.combo2.Visible = True
    Me.textbox1.Visible = True
    End If
    End Sub

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    You should have a different opening style for the two ways of looking at the form.
    For this, you'll need 2 buttons on your switchboard :
    1 : View Records
    2 : Edit / Add records

    The first button opens your form as read only and hides the combo's (suppose there are 3) that should not be seen :
    DoCmd.OpenForm "frmFormName", acNormal, , , acFormReadOnly
    Forms!frmFormName!cboCombo1.Visible = False
    Forms!frmFormName!cboCombo2.Visible = False
    Forms!frmFormName!cboCombo3.Visible = False

    Second button opens the form normal so the user can edit the records :
    DoCmd.OpenForm "frmFormName", acNormal

    It's as easy as you make it!

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