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    Question Unanswered: CLP/Command Center Problem on terminal server

    We have the Administration Client installed on an terminal server (Windows 2000).

    We can use the Control Center and the Replication Center.
    But if we try to start the CLP we only get a new window (DB2 CLP) with the following prompt
    If we are using the Command Center and try to connect to a database we get the error message
    SQL7016N Invalid syntax provided to the SQLDB2 interface.
    Related Error: "".

    We are users with no special rights on the terminal server.
    We find out if an administrator is logged on and has the CLP (db2setcp.bat) started then
    we also can use the CLP.

    Is there anybody who can give us a hint what we have to change so that we can use all
    parts of the Administration Client.

    Best Regards,
    Joachim Zeuschner and Mona Reddin

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    Re: CLP/Command Center Problem on terminal server

    Hi jzeuschn,

    1. Do you install the DB2 Remotely?
    2. Look envaironment varible? whit the db2set command.
    3. What is the cammand of the error SQL7016N ?
    4. What is the DB2 version?
    5. SP of the Win2000?

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