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    Question Unanswered: Access 97 Table Locking Issue Under TS 2000


    We have an Application that uses an Access 97 MDB to store accounting information. We are experiancing issues on a couple of sites with approximately 10 users accessing the application through Terminal Services 2000.

    The application is written in Delphi and uses a third party driver to access the MDB via Jet35. The problem manifests itself by our user login table being locked by one of the TS users. This table is updated by the user each time they login to the application. We do not experiance the issue on a heavily used TS 4.0 site or on sites with up to 5 users under TS 2000.

    The issue seems to occur at login time in the morning when a few people login at the same time. We have other heavily utilised Tables in the database and do not experiance any issues. Neither do we experiance any login issues on sites with a high user count where the front end is running on individual PCs.

    Anybody offer any suggestions, I'm not a developer but a Tech Support consultant, but can pass any coding suggestions onto the development team.



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    Re: Access 97 Table Locking Issue Under TS 2000

    We had a similar problem. It had nothing to do with the app. It was caused by a router parameter that forced a re-authentication of the WAN connection every so often. Basically, the connection was just dropped by the router, then automatically reconnected a second later. But the dropped connection was enough to dosconnect the database, causing lots of lock and data problems.

    In our case, this reauthentication parameter was set to 24 hrs, and it happend, like yours, in the early morning with very few users. It took us a LONG while to figure out what was happening.

    Don't know if this has anything to do with what you're experiencing... but thought I would mention it.


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