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    % like %

    normally we do this in oracle

    select * from staff where name like '%John%';

    then how to do in the VB???

    like this also

    SQLstmt = "SELECT * FROM staff where name like ' % " & lblname.Caption & " % '"

    and can somebody help me how to show the graph when i select from the combo box and click OK button?
    or any article teach this?

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    Since you didn't specify the DB or data entry object you're using, I'll give you generic information. The "----john-----" comes from a list box or combobox (multiple items) or a textbox (single item). Remove leading and trailing blanks from the selected string, and use the text property, not the caption property. Use of % or * wildcard depends on the DB. As for displaying graphs, you don't give enough background information to answer it. How do you generate your graphs? Do you display them in a web browser or on a standalone machine? What reporting package(s) are you using? Check MSVB Knowledgebase for information about displaying graphs.

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