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    Unanswered: Limit changes to a table through a stored procedure

    I am designing a complicated table structure with a lot of triggers (to limit the types of changes that can be made) and stored procedures (to ensure that inserts/updates get done correctly). As I was writing up a trigger for one table, I realized that the trigger could not handle what I was attempting to do. In the stored procedure, I handle a bulk update on that table in a proprietary way, by first deleting all of the rows associated with a given record, then reinserting the rows (with new values). In the trigger, I am trying to restrict deletions from the table. The only time I want to allow deletions to occur is in the "update" stored procedure, as part of the delete/insert process.

    Thus, my question: is there any way to restrict the changes that can be made to a table to changes made through a given stored procedure (or a set of stored procedures). The trigger would determine whether the changes were coming through the stored procedure. If so, the changes are allowed, else they are not.

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    IMO, if you are looking for 100% certainty, I contend that it can be achieved only with a very well conceived design & careful implementation. I suspect that I could usually work around what ever
    safe guards you put into place, but that may be good enough for your

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