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    Unanswered: need to take the decimals out of a number..

    i have a whole column with numbers like and what i need to do is take the decimals out so its just like 010102010030.. what i did was did search and replace, searched for the . and replace it with nothing.. but whneever i do that, it takes out the leading 0 so it'd end up like 10102010030... i think its because it thinks its a number so i changed the format to text.. but when i do search and replace it still does it... this seems really stupid sounds like theres a really easy way to do it but i just cant thinik of it right now.. any ideas?


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    Use the substitute function. If your target cell is B3, then in C3 put this formula (and copy down the column)

    = SUBSTITUTE(B3,".","")
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