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    Unanswered: join (DB2/400 vs DB2 UDB Windows)


    on my iSeries the following join perfectly runs:

    select a.companynumber, a.locationnumber, a.chainstorenumber, a.username, a.usertext, a.passwordchangedate,, a.lotususername, b.locationname,, a.validfrom, a.validto, a.password
    from j_jus a, j_loc b
    left join j_ms c
    on a.companynumber = c.companynumber and a.chainstorenumber = c.chainstorenumber
    where a.companynumber = b.companynumber and a.locationnumber = b.locationnumber

    on Windows DB2 this results in a error, can somebody give me a hint why this doesnt work on Windows DB2 ?


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    i will reply to myself, it was a little bit tricky, because it was too easy ;-)

    changing the tables in the from of the inner join, like:

    from j_loc b, j_jus a

    did the trick. I referenced in the left join columns of table "a", but table "b" was defined next before the join. So the ON clause could only see columns of "b" instead of "a".

    Crazy that on DB/400, he dont care about the position of the tables in the inner join.

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