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    Unanswered: Performance questions. Shared vs. dedicated hosting.

    We are planning an address lookup / directory
    portal with a login/user profile feature.
    There will first be hundreds of users,
    most likely pretty quickly thousands, firstly
    querying several million
    addresses (firstly around 5 or 6 mill).
    Some info is available for
    anonymous users, the rest behind a login.
    The users will not edit other info than
    their own profile, so the queries to the
    big table(s) are read-only.

    In an Access MDB file the db is around 3gb.

    1. I need some advice on when one should
    consider a dedicated server in terms of
    amount/speed/etc. Could we start out with
    a co-hosting package and see how it works,
    or is this amount already something that
    needs its own server? Pricewise, I wonder
    if the very size of the db file(s) actually
    could prove less economic on a shared server
    than having our own..?

    2. How big will such a db be in MySQL? (disk space needed)

    3. Then there is the rather obvious security
    concerns, especially making sure the data "cannot"
    be compromised.
    I am of course aware of that one should have
    a dedicated server where one fully controls
    security related issues, but I want to see
    if anyone have examples on whether this could
    be sufficiently secured in a shared environment
    as well.

    It is mostly a read-only db, the updates could
    be done on another machine , then publishing
    only updates to the online version.
    Does this affect security in any significant

    4. Any suggestions on service providers that
    offer Linux/MySQL hosting and mirroring
    in both Asia (preferably China) and

    Any advice is most welcome :-)


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    I doubt you can get shared hosting that will allow you 3gb of mysql space, most is in MB. I also doubt you can get shared hosting that will have mirroring at all anywhere. So, it seems you will need to get dedicated server(s).

    I hope this is useful.

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