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    Unanswered: Sql Loader problem

    I have a '|' delimited free format file , the records as shown below

    1234|Hello world|1234.12|123.12

    I have table X ( col1 number(4),col2Number(10,2)) and another table
    Y (col1varchar(200),col2 Number(10,2))

    Now my requirement is to load the data into table X and Y using Sql Loader so that the first and third columns of the data file is loaded into table X and the second and fourth column is loaded into table Y .

    Any idea how to do that ?

    Thanks in advance

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    look up documentation.
    specifically regarding FILLER

    PHP Code:
    into table X
    fields terminated by 
    col1 number,
    dummy1 FILLER,
    col2  number

    - The_Duck
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    Thanks it workd fine for me ..

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